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How do I know my appointment is approved?

You’ll get a text from square saying your appointment is being reviewed. One of our BOBs will call you when they’re available to introduce themselves and confirm the time. After that you’ll get another follow-up text confirming your appointment and another text 24 hours before.

Do we have to be home when our BOB cleans?

Someone must be home for the first visit to show the BOB where your cleaning supplies are, identify cleaning priorities and cleaning expectations. 

After the first visit, we ask that you let us know how BOB should enter your home when you’re not there. You will be charged if they are unable to get into the house.

What does a BOB expect to clean in an hour?

This is why the first visit is crucial to establishing the cleaning expectations. We can’t truthfully answer this question until we know what you look for so we can meet your expectations. Some customers love clean baseboards, others would prefer clean blinds. We try to tailor our time to fit your needs and your budget.

Why does BOB not clean bedrooms?

Your bedroom is your space and we want everyone to be respectful of those boundaries.

Do I get to choose my BOB?

If you have a regular cleaning schedule, you will get the same BOB. If that BOB is gone for whatever reason, we will send you an email notifying you of your replacement for the week.

If I want to use my own cleaning supplies, what should I provide?

You need to supply: broom, cleanser (e.g., bleach, 409 cleaner, vinegar, baking soda and water) pack of sponges, toilet cleaner (e.g., comet, Ajax, etc.), toilet bowl scrubber, vacuum, mop, or Swiffer. If you have anything specific like leather furniture or a stainless steel fridge you should supply those cleaning supplies as well.

Will our BOB let us know if we are running low on cleaning supplies?

Absolutely! After each visit you’ll receive an email on cleaning supplies you need to replenish.

What happens if I don’t have some of the cleaning supplies when my BOB arrives?

You’ll be charged the $40/hour rate, where we use our cleaning supplies instead of yours. Your BOB can skip those tasks and focus on other areas of cleaning too.

Can we tip our BOB?


How do I become a BOB?

Sign up on our website, pass a background check, and we’ll train you and get you started!