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Housing Centers

La Pointe: BOB Cleaning Company cleaned 136 units and 448 bedrooms and bathrooms in a 15 day time frame. BOB Cleaning Company continues to deliver exceptional customer service and a quality product to all construction and property management companies.

Boise State Honors College: BOB Cleaning Company turned over the BSU Sawtooth and Honors college in 16 days with a 21 day time frame. We have a process that works, and continues to deliver on-time projects for competitive prices!

BOB Cleaning Company works hand in hand with Boise State University. We offer carpet cleaning and room turns for student housing. Email for pricing and quotes, or for general questions.

3rd on Jules: BOB Cleaning Company was hired to restore 176 apartment unit floors after a flood and a fire during construction. For a fraction of the price of replacing the floors, BOB can get you covered! 176 units in less than 2 weeks!